Our frame inventory is extensive, with most frames ranging from $79 to $159. Our inventory is being regularly updated, so you can be sure you have the latest fashions from which to choose.

Spectacle Lenses

Our spectacle lenses are of the finest quality, meeting, or exceeding the national standards for accuracy and quality. We offer the latest technology in the high index (thin), progressive (no-line), photochromic (sun-activated), polarized, and anti-reflective coated (glare reduction) lenses.

Our opticians will help you to select the lens type and options that are best for you. Each lens will then be designed and custom fit for your specific frame and eyes. Most lenses are cut in our on-site laboratory.

Contact Lenses

We are distributors of all major contact lens types.

Although most people can be fitted for contact lenses, the key to successful wearing rests to a large extent upon the wearer. Safe and satisfying contact lens wear is achieved when the following four things exist:

  • Motivation – your desire to wear contact lenses and your willingness to go through the adaptation period.

  • Cooperation – your attention to the details of wearing schedules, lens handling, and cleaning.

  • Follow-Up Care – your attention to regularly scheduled appointments.

  • Fit – our ability to fit the correct lenses the correct way.

Not every person who is fitted with contact lenses will be a successful wearer, but we do guarantee our contact lenses. If there is a justifiable reason why contact lens wear must be discontinued within the first 90 days, we will credit your account upon receipt of the lenses. The credit will be prorated based on the professional services performed up to that time.


Plano (non-prescription) sunglasses are available from WILEY X, OAKLEY, CARRERA, and others.

Photochromic (sun-activated) lenses are designed to change from clear to various degrees of darkness, depending on levels of ultra-violet light. These lenses help to alleviate eyestrain and are available in almost every lens type.

Polarized (glare-reducing) lenses virtually eliminate glare from flat, reflective surfaces such as car hoods, water, snow, and roads. This provides the wearer with comfort and freedom from eyestrain. They are great lenses for fishermen who want to improve their ability to see into the lake or stream.

Prescription sunglasses provide sun protection that is usually superior to photochromics because they are not dependent on ultra-violet light to darken. This provides better protection for driving, a situation where the UV light is filtered out by the windshield before activating the photochromic lenses. We provide excellent discounts on sunglasses when purchased as a second pair.

Magni-clips are another excellent way to provide sun protection. Like a standard clip-on, they can be polarized and offer ‘non-UV dependent’ protection. They have the added convenience of quickly and easily fastened to the frame magnetically.

Industrial Safety

We prefer to protect your eyes from damage, which minimizes the need for us to treat preventable eye problems. We offer safety eyewear packages to employers willing to partner with us, and we offer substantial discounts to patients who purchase industrial safety glasses. Take care of your eyes. You’ll need them for a very long time.

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